Buying A House With Termites

You might call it a natural disaster, the level of fear it strikes in homeowners. In the most severe cases, termite infestation can mean the complete destruction of a house, and even a relatively minor attack of the wood-eating bugs can mean huge inconveniences and expensive treatments and restorative work.

After 6 years of hard looking to find a nice house in DC area, we finally raised our budget and made an offer on a house. The seller is a racist and didn’t want to sale the house to us due our names! Finally we made a good offer and went into contract. AT inspection we found the following main issues: 1.

To safeguard yourself against having to buy the home regardless of termite damage, include an inspection contingency specifically for termites in your contract.. Orkin: Buying a House With.

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Common issues in New Orleans homes include termite damage. feel like you have to buy it.” During this period, a homebuyer has the power to get out of the contract if there are problems that are too.

If you’re buying a home, having the dwelling inspected for termites beforehand can save you headaches later. Actually, if you’re taking out a mortgage, there’s a good chance the lender will require that you have a termite inspection (as well as a general home inspection) performed before the sale is finalized.

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If you are buying a house that is located in an area that is susceptible to termite infestation, negotiate a solution with the seller at the outset of the buying process.. Retrieved from http.

Buyers Beware The importance of a wood-boring pest inspection when buying a home. When prospective buyers tour a new home, they tend to focus on the cosmetic updates they’ll need to make if they purchase the house.From outdated fixtures and appliances to unappealing paint colors or landscaping, buyers often initially measure a home’s value by its curb appeal, or lack thereof.

I’m buying a house in an area where termites are a serious problem. I know most people are honest but most is not all. When I’m with a Realtor, at a showing of a house that I’m thinking of putting an offer on, how can I tell if there is a serious, obvious termite problem?