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SD Equity Partners is the premier Los Angeles hard money lender. based in San Diego, we provide financing for San Diego and Los Angeles investors. As a direct hard money lender in Los Angeles, we specialize in hard money loans in Southern California. Hard money loans are quick to access and tend to be more flexible than conventional financing options.

Hard Money Loans Hard money loans are an alternative to traditional loans from a bank. We specialize in fast funding to help investors buy properties with maximum leverage to make bigger profits and grow their business.

Fast Hard money lender. hard money loans, are unlike conventional bank financing. These loans are considered, "privately funded loans," as the requirements vary from one lender to the next. Hard money lenders are concerned with one thing: the collateral, and equity protection.

That makes it hard for lenders like Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank to make money, even though they are based in one of the world’s most formidable economies. The merger of Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank.

Private residential hard money loans. Lender specializing in flexible loans for investment real estate. No upfront fees, all credit OK and fast closings. colorado, Georgia, and Florida private lender

Georgia Hard money lenders specialize in high interest loans (typically > 15%) on land, development, and many times special purpose properties. These loans are far riskier than Fairview’s product. Fairview Lending focuses primarily on general purpose income properties throughout.

Hardmoney Investors Bridge Loans and Hard Money: An Investment Opportunity? – There are also potential disadvantages of becoming a bridge loan or hard money investor: research required. While putting money in a certificate of deposit or even an index fund mirroring a certain index may be somewhat simple, doing your due diligence is especially important with bridge loans.

When Roger Tillman lost his job, he knew money would. that payday loan customers aren’t committing a crime, because the payday lender accepts the check knowing that it’s not good at the time the.

"In general, the best time to get a personal loan is when you’re just starting a business and are unable to qualify for other types of financing," says Priyanka Prakash, senior staff writer at small.

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 · Recently, we funded a quick, turnaround bridge loan of $115,000 to finance a beach condo through our transitional lending program. What is the Transitional Lending Program? Our Transitional Lending Program provides funding from $100,000 to $100 million and allows borrowers the ability to receive the fast and flexible funding they need when opportunities or situations arise.