Honorable Discharge Personality Disorder

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"Right next to it saying that I have an honorable discharge, it says that I have a personality disorder," she says – despite it never having been diagnosed. "That was handed down just by the decision.

Personality disorders are the most common grounds for discharge under other designated physical and mental conditions (ODPMC). In addition to personality disorders, grounds for discharge can include: seasickness, bedwetting, airsickness, sleep walking, certain allergies, severe nightmares, severe stuttering, obesity, and excessive height.

Other than Honorable (OTH) discharges normally result in loss of VA care and benefits, though the VA has authority to grant benefits despite an oth.. common reasons for Involuntary Discharge.. Personality disorder discharges and ODPMC discharges based on adjustment disorders deserve.

Chapter 5-13 (Personality Disorder). If a physician trained in psychiatry or a licensed clinical psychologist notifies the commander that the Soldier has a deeply ingrained personality. honorable or general discharge; however, no Soldier discharged under Chapter 5-8 or 5-17 will be

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Many rape victims who suffered trauma after their assaults were unfairly discharged for having a “personality disorder” or other. Other victims were given “Other Than Honorable” discharges for.

In interviews with 163 survivors, I heard harrowing tales of retaliation against victims who reported rape, often ending with an involuntary discharge. Many were labeled with a “personality disorder”.

U.S. Army Personality Disorder Separations Fact Sheet as of June 15, 2007: Some Soldiers have personality disorders that are incompatible with military service Discharge under Chapter 5-13 of AR 635-200 (derived from governing DOD Policy (DOD Directive 1332.14) is for Soldiers with personality disorders but not if there is a mental

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received military discharges that were honorable or under honorable conditions.. gIncludes antisocial and borderline personality disorder. hIncludes inmates.

The HRW report makes clear that, though rape victims are less likely to be wrongly branded with a “Personality Disorder” or an “Other Than Honorable” discharge than they were in Luras’ time, military.

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Your DD214 and Veterans’ Employment Opportunities "Service members transitioning from the military today are some of the most educated, technically savvy, professionally qualified the armed forces have ever produced," says Willie Hensley, deputy assistant secretary for human resources management and labor relations for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.