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Congress established the Section 184 Indian Housing Loan Guarantee Program in 1992. The program is designed to offer homeownership, property rehabilitation, and new construction opportunities for eligible tribes, Indian Housing Authorities, and Native American individuals and families wanting to own a home on trust land or land located in an approved Indian or Alaska Native area.

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HUD 184 Native American Home Loan Program Credit Requirements. Unlike most home loan programs, the HUD Section 184 Home Loan Program does not have a minimum credit score requirement in order to qualify. However, it does have specific requirements regarding factors that influence your credit score.

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In 1992, Congress created a program that would help address the lack of availability of mortgages on tribal lands and just like that HUD 184 was born. Here is some information to help you find out if you qualify so you can stop asking the question do I qualify for HUD Section 184 loans and finally know the answer! Are you part of a tribe?

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Here is a general outline of HUD Section 184 Process to purchase a home using the government insured HUD Section 184 Native American Mortgage program. Apply Now! HUD Section 184 Process Step 1: Get Prequalified for your home loan. Contact Today Lending at 918-582-7283 or Apply Now! for HUD Section 184.

Many of our employees were pioneers in the 184 business and have been doing these loans since the beginning of the program. We’ve successfully closed thousands of home loans for Native Americans around the nation. This has made us the go to experts on HUD Section 184 loans.

What can a HUD Section 184 Loan be Used for? Up until 2012, The HUD Section 184 Home Loan Guarantee granted 15,000 loans to various individuals, tribes, and TDHEs . Since then that number has continued to climb. Section 184 was created to increase home ownership in Indian communities.

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1st Tribal Lending is dedicated to providing you with Section 184 home loans and has successfully closed thousands of home loans for Native Americans.