who is eligible for harp?

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Some 27,639 Chicago-area homeowners are eligible for HARP. Illinois is second only to Florida in terms of HARP-eligible homeowners, with 32,169 borrowers, compared with 51,100 in Florida. HARP was.

If your loan is not found on either website, then you probably do not have a loan backed by either company and are not eligible. Know the date of your loan origination – The date that your loan began plays an important role in your eligibility for HARP. The program was designed to help those that obtained their mortgage before May 31, 2009.

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HARP is the independent Southend based charity that reduces homelessness by providing essential services, emergency housing and long term solutions.

HARP Eligibility – About Us | HARPEligibility.com – HARP Eligibility was created as a way for homeowners that may be underwater on their homes the opportunity to connect with lenders that can assist in refinancing for lower interest rates and better monthly payments.. 8 eligibility requirements for HARP (Home Affordable.

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HARP has seen significant improvements since its creation, making it easier for more homeowners to qualify. By Laurie Redmond Nationwide, 1 in 5 homeowners may qualify for a refinance under the Home affordable refinance program (HARP).The government-backed program was established in 2009 to help homeowners who owe more than their homes are worth and are current on their payments refinance to a.

Why do we ask for your Social Security Number. freddie mac takes protecting your privacy seriously. We ask for your Social Security Number (SSN) to help us confirm that the requested information is being given to the mortgage holder or to someone authorized by the mortgage holder to receive the information.

Additionally, FHFA will soon launch a campaign to inform homeowners about HARP. The campaign will educate consumers about the program, its eligibility requirements and provide options on how to.

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